JSPF 2013 Retreat for Women Writers

Hot Dang!

The Jane’s Stories Press Foundation‘s Stories Press Foundation 2013 RetreatHackney's on Lake for women authors is happening in the Chicago Area!!!!! We’ll be meeting at Hackney’s on Lake, 1514 E. Lake Ave ~ Glenview, IL 60025 ~ 847.724.7171 on October 5, 2013 between 9 and 3! Following the retreat, the Annual Meeting will commence and it’s open, not just to members of the board, but to all current Janes! And YES! Our call to table will include Hackney’s unique and sought after Famous Onion Ring Loaf! Entree choices will not be limited to the Famous Hackney Burgers (though, that’s why so many people have been going there since the 1920’s!

Poet Christine Swanberg will be joining us to present an interactive workshop called “The Christine SwanbergProcess of Poetry.” One of the authors collected in Jane’s Stories IV: Bridges and Borders,  has published several books of poetry. Her work appears in women’s anthologies and a variety of journals; and she has edited journals and judged many contests as well. A post-graduate with a Merit Scholarship from the Vermont Writing Program, she is a writing teacher and mentor for museums, churches, art councils, schools, conferences and women’s organizations. she has won many awards and is a former Pushcart nominee. 

legal padShe will present “The Process of Poetry: An interactive chat In this workshop, Christine will share her poetry and creative process. After reading a few poems, there will be a question/response format in which participants can ask those questions they have wondered about poetry writing. Handouts to take home for inspiration and guidance will be available as well as resource books (at a discount for Jane’s of course!)

Also the co-editors of Jane’s Stories IVLinda Mowry and Shobha Sharma will present! Linda will lead a discussion about the writer/editor relationship. Active with Jane’s Stories since its founding, most recently as treasurer, she has helped edit and/or produce several chap books.

Shobha Sharma!Shobha will preside over the networking and welcoming portions of our day! She came to this country over thirty years ago with chemistry on her mind. After raising two boys, she found she had time and passion for writing. Some of her short stories and poems were published (one by Hachett Book Group a few years back) and also by Jane’s Stories Press Foundation. Editor of the seminal chapbook which forms the core of Jane’s Stories IV. Shobha is the current president of JSPF busy promoting the latest anthology. When time permits, she is also working on her short stories and three novels.

Check  the JSPF website for more Details!


About Judy M. Goodman

Freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and board member of Jane Stories Press Foundation.
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